Monday, April 25, 2011

“Oh No, I Put On 2 Kilos of Weight in 4 Days”

I hopped on the scales on Monday Morning and I was aghast to see that I had put on 2 Kilos of weight in only 4 Days. How could this happen? I’d spent 8 hours running, climbing, jogging, walking up hills in the Blue Mountains completing 54km.
I’d started a food diary last Tuesday, and I basically worked out that if I did not exercise every day the snacking that I naturally do through out my day will make me put on weight.
So about 1.5 hours of jogging at 10km / hour to kept me in the black for my calories. I can do that with out taking any energy gel, so it is just pure energy burning exercise, and the last 30 minutes I am mostly burning fat. Cool wicked. I have that sorted.
However, it is the Easter Super Long Weekend...... I started my weekend like I think most people on last Wednesday! All that amazing food, and wine, cheese, desert, it all  just puts you over for the day. I have not even got to the Easter Eggs my kids get being given. They did not even want them! Keisha and Milla sent about 6 bunnies to my mum’s house last week. I’d bought them 1 Large Hollow Egg each, as I thought I’d better so I could be a good mum and all. And I thought it was the correct thing to do. I am pretty sure the kids did not like the taste of the eggs I gave them and they ended up in the bin.
We were then given 2 more large eggs, I packet of Lindt Chocolate Ball Chocolates, Milla vomited Saturday Night up all the chocolate she had consumed the day before and we had not even made it to Easter yet! Go Milla!.
My sister gave the kids 2 more large Easter Eggs with awesome baby dinosaurs inside the eggs, the kids just ate the dinosaurs, I then ate some of the the outside and threw the rest in the bin, the kids gave me 2 of the eggs they did not want, and because I had spent 8 hours running I thought I’d earn those eggs......My mum gave Mikey and me another box of chocolates, which I stayed away from, mostly, I had 1 to try, and I was happy that everyone else liked them more than me, or maybe I’d already had my “Fill” of chocolate for the day........
I still have an awesome Chocolate Easter Egg nest with 3 beautiful eggs nested inside, Mikey wants to take a photo of it, I just either want to eat it or through it in the bin.
So I can eat through out the day some nutritious food, run for 1.5 hours, then my calorie input for the day is blown out of the park by the wine, chocolate and cheese and maybe a desert that I would never have. 
So that is how you can put on 2 kilos in 4 days. We still have another day of visiting friends. I am just going to have to be really, really, really good for the next 3 weeks to get 4 kilos of fat off my body weight before my 100km North Face. I really don’t want to carry an extra 4 Kilos of weight with me up hills, stairs for 100km.
PS I took the photo, Mikey has not take a photo of the eggs yet.... he has until I get back from my run other wise it will be eaten or thrown in the bin!

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