Monday, April 25, 2011

The week Has Arrived, for 50km Coasttrek.

Hi All,
The week has arrived!!! 50km Coast Trek is on this Friday!
The Teams will be finishing at Balmoral beach from 1pm-3pm, we would love to see some friendly faces at the end of the 50km, so if you want to see the finish of a historic event on Friday head down to balmoral beach and cheer on our 2 teams. I have 2 other clients Natasha and Kate competing in the event also, so maybe after school pick up, head down and witness a really cool event happen in a beautiful location. I will be there until my husband comes and picks me up after work at about 5pm!!!!
I can’t wait to do it. The girls have achieved so much.
Team Great Outdoor Runners Go Go’s
Mia has fought of a knee injury, but has a weird ankle injury that has just popped up in the last week. She will be introduced to the world of taping! The longest Mia had every run before all this training was 21.1kms 2010.
Les, who had not suffered an injury, has a niggling knee injury, the old ITB band, but is still feeling confident. I just saw her this morning and her knee has recovered, she just needed to stretch and massage her quads and hips. The farthest she has ever run before is 14km “City to Surf” 2010.
Renae, mum of 2, (6 and 3) has battled injury since October, but she has looked after her ITB band, and floating patellae,  and she is now officially injury free!!!! Amazing. The farthest renae has run is the “City to Surf” 2010.
Shona, mum of 2 (4 and 5), well we all know I have battled 2 broken feet suffered in August to be able to run again so I can do it with my girls. The furtherest I have ever run is 100km, Oxfam. I just strained my back this morning, but I will hit the hot baths and epsom salts to get me back into peak performance.

To sponsor the Go Go’s visit the website link below.

Team Great Outdoor Runners Flyers
Kellie, mum of 2 (3 and 1) has had to look after a very sick baby, whilst still finding time to train for the 50kms, she is an inspiration to anyone who thinks they are short on time. She does not make excuses, she gets the job done. She is injury free! The farthest Kellie has run is 21.1kms.
Sophie, is a machine, she is determined. 18 months ago Sophie could not run a lap around a oval. But last year, she ran the Mother’s Day Classic 8km, the City to Surf 14km and the Rebel Run 10km. She is suffering from a Heal Spur, but has committed herself to achieving her goal of running and walking 50kms. She has spirit, and she makes no excuses.
I can’t wait to give her a big hug when she completes her goal!
Kathy, mum of 1( 1year old), started training after having Toby when he was 12 weeks old, she is fit  and determined, she has managed a hip bursor. She only has a few niggles. The farthest she has ever been is a Mini Triathlon!
Jane, our replacement for Lynn who pulled out, is a mum of 2, (2 and 3). She is a great addition to the team with a wealth of experience of completing the 100km Coast Trek last year and 100km Oxfam. She has come from a walking background only, so is taking a huge step to start to run with the girls. She has ankles about as weak as mine after suffering a few sprains, but will be taped and ready to go on the day.

To sponsor the Go Go’s vist the website link below.

If you want to come and cheer us on it is on this Friday the 4th of March.
The finish line is at Balmoral Oval at Balmoral beach. The atmosphere should be amazing, we will; hopefully be coming through anytime from 1-3pm, depending on how everything goes.

We are well on target to try and Beat Tony Abbots time from last year! Come on lets beat Tony!
We have also managed to raise $4610 for the Fred Hollows Foundation! We have saved the sight of 184 people, that is just fantastic. Go Girls. So if you want to help out and save someones sight of someone it only cost $25. Go to one of the websites below and donate.
Coast Trek Fundraising.
We have reached and passed our fundraising goals!!!
Well done to both the teams!!
The Go Go’s have raised $2385!!!
The Flyers have raised $2130
This web-address is for the following team members, Les, Mia, Renae and Shona, Team Go Go’s
This web-address is for the following team members, Kathy, Kellie, Lynn and Sophie, Team the Flyers

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