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Newsletter The Great NOSH

HI All,
We have had a busy weekend, we had our Friday Night Drinks and Oxfam Team Launch Night on Friday Night, followed closely by The Great Nosh on on Sunday. Milla had a quick over night stay in the hospital on Friday Night with gastro so she could be re-hydrated, but I still managed to get to the start of The Great Nosh.
It was a picture perfect day for the 37th The Great Nosh, one of my favourite trail runs, from East Lindfield Oval to Seaforth Oval and my first ever trail run that I ever entered. It has a long history in my family, my uncle Ian ran in it back in the 70s and 80s, and every year I ask him what is fastest time is, and every year it gets faster. But I am slowly catching his elusive time of 70 minutes!
This year I was the proudest Personal Trainer in Sydney, possibly Australia when I had a team of 12 of us , Great Outdoor Runners entered into this historic event. We were the biggest group in attendance and we were all female ,(plus Tim, Sophie’s Husband, Janet’s Brother). 
312 people were running and walking the 15km wet and variable course. There was everything from mud, creek crossings, back lawns of houses, single man trails, fire trails, the Roseville Bridge, roads, rock hopping or scrambling, sand, puddles, bush stairs, all this with an uphill finish at Seaforth Oval on the Seaforth Plateau. It was tough, and the terrain was extremely wet and slippery, everyone did so well under the extreme conditions. The men were dropping like flies, there was blood, and muddy runners everywhere, finishing the event was a huge achievement in itself and any time close to 2 hours and under 2.5 hours was a fantastic effort.
Everyone met their own personal goal and achieved so much more than they thought they could. Everyone had a ball. It is not like running in a road race, Trail runs are so much more fun, they keep you guessing at every turn, and there was a great community feel to the events. I am sure everyone will be back next year to try and beat their times. Here are their times below for the tough 15km.
Shona Stephenson   77:50
Renae van der Pol    93:40
Lesley Greenwell      94:45
Kellie Ellis                 95:09
Mia  Rose                  95:10
Suzy  Cipollone         99:53
Julia Hoets               107:11
Liz  Humphreys       110:58
Zandra Rhodes        111:43
Sophie Roberts        127:25
Tim Higginbotham    127:25
Katherine Cheeseman 127:31 (Cheesy)
Gretel  Connell         131:44
Kim Grant                 131:44
I was the first female to cross the line smashing over 4 minutes off my time from last year, of 82 minutes, this year I managed 77:50. Renae, Les and Kellie were all top 10 in their age group, Mia missed out by one place. Renae has now proved herself as my fastest client in 2 races in a row! Go Renae. 
Suzy has secured her position in our Oxfam Team with an awesome time of 99:53 seconds. I set her a goal of under 100 minutes and she achieved this goal. She has come a long way in the short time she has spent with us training to be an endurance runner. I can’t wait to get out there and start training with her, Les and Mia as a group. Our reserves for our Oxfam Team will be Renae and Kellie. We are looking to be a strong team, with some great back up runners if we have injuries.
Great Outdoor Training Drinks and Celebration Night!
Thank you Everyone who was at the Friday Night Drinks Night at Zanzibar to help us kick start our Oxfam Fundraising. In the Night we managed to raise over $400, from selling raffle tickets and from asking for spare change off the Zanzibar Pub Patrons. A huge thank you to Claire Harris from Zanzibar for supporting our course and allowing us to fundraise in her Bar. Thank you to Les and Mia for taking the bucket around to the patrons so I could look after my clients, and thank you again to everyone for buying tickets for the raffle.
There are still tickets for the raffle available until the 25th of June.
The Prize is as Follows;
Guinot “Younger with Lougue Vie’ Skin Care Anti Ageing Skin Care Package
Beauty Flash Facial at Canvas Essential Therapies
Boot Camp/Mum’s and Bub’s Pass or 
3 One-On-One Pt’s Sessions with Shona  from Great Outdoor Training
Total Value of $500.
Tickets are 1 for $10, 3 for $20 or 8 for $50.
Buy tickets by going online and Donating directly to our Oxfam Page and donate either $10, $20 or $50, send us an email and we will write out the raffle Tickets for you, click on the link below and donate now!
Prize will be drawn on the Saturday the 25th of June. 
The Winner will be notified by Canvas Essential Therapies Face Book Page and will be contacted via email or mobile phone by either Les or Myself.
Weight Loss Tip Of the Week
Spinach Is Your Pasta
Use Spinach, Rocket, Cabbage, Bok Choy, or any Leafy Green instead of a fast burning carb in your meals. They are high in nutrients, but so low in calories. 
2 Handfuls of Spinach has only 14 calories in it!!!!! 
You just can’t go wrong, compaired to 1 cup of pasta 254 calories.
This is a great way to cut out some calories from your day. I use Spinach with my protein when I am making meals, check out the recipe below for a meal idea. When I want to drop some kilos, I cut out the quinoa.
Recipe Of the Week
Bean, Pumpkin, Yogurt and Quinoa Curry
I ate this in the Lead up to The Great Nosh, it must have done the trick.
1/4 Can Kidney Beans                                                                    Serves 1 345 Cal
1/4 Cup of Quinoa
1/2 Cup of Water
1/2 Can of Diced Tomatoes
1    Cup of Pumpkin Diced
1    Grated Carrot
1/4 Avocado
2    Handfuls of Baby Spinach
1/2  Cup Of Greek Yogurt
1    Teaspoon of Curry Powder, I used madras Curry Powder.
Place Quinoa into a saucepan, add in 1/2 cup of water, cover with a lid, bring to the boil and then simmer for 10 minutes.
Rinse and strain Kidney beans, place into a separate bowl, add curry powder, Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Carrot, and 1/2 cup of water and bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes or until the water has evaporated.
When Quinoa is cooked, stir in baby spinach, and place into a bowl, spread out Chopped Avocado pieces, and pour the Curry Vegetables on top of the Quinoa, add the yogurt and salt and pepper to taste, and eat.
Winter Weather Gear
Rebel Sport has thermals form $19.95!!!! I just purchased another top!
A great website to check the gear out on is http://www.wiggle.co.uk/run/
Then you can buy it on Ebay. There are some great sales happening in the city at all the Adventure stores, I picked up a great fully waterproof light weight jacket for $125.00, reduced from $250.
I went to Mountain Designs check out their website.
I wear Thermals, Gloves and long Skins or 2XU. Go for a cool max sock as the cotton socks are freezing at the moment!
Trail Shoes
My favourite Trail Shoes are the Brooks Cascadia 6. I have been wearing this model of shoes for 2 years now and I have the least amount of blisters, they have the best traction and are super light weight. I have minimal foot problems in these shoes and they also have a “Rock Plate” for stone protection, good for preventing stress fractures on those rocky fore trails.
I always tape my ankles to give me more support, and to prevent an ankle injury, so these shoes are perfect trail shoe for me, and I recommend them.
Check them out on Ebay below.
Race Ticket Swops
Renae has a spare ticket for the Mini Mos for anyone who needs to do a 10km before the City2Surf. Anyone who is thinking of doing the City2Surf really should be running in the Mini Mos. So before entering the Mini Mos, contact Renae or me and we can pass the Ticket onto you. Renae just did a ticket swop with Kellie for the Coastal Classic 29km trail run which is on in 2 weeks!!!!.
Running Singlets
Get the singlet of the best all female running club around at the moment!
They are $40 each, you can either pay by cash for put the money in my bank account.
we are starting to get a name for ourselves, so buy one and be part of the gang.
Winter Holidays
I am on my Winter Holiday from the Saturday 02/07/11 until the Monday the 11/07/11
I will be in my childhood holiday seaside town of Yamba, in the same unit block I use to stay in. I can’t wait to hit the 25 plus degree heat and chill out and not worry about the wet weather we have been experiencing.
Running Club Training Dates and Events!!
Put these dates in your Calendar!
11/06/11 Mini Mos Training Day  ON THE COURSE
18/06/11 Coastal Classic Maybe try and make this week into a 40-55km for the Oxfam girls!
19/06/11 Mini Mos (I won’t be running it, I am doing the Coastal Classic the Day before)
24/06/11 Oxfam Training 30km (Friday Night Training, easy as we have the  Woodford to Glen brook on the Sunday)
26/06/11 Woodford to Glenbrook 25km sprint in the Bush.
02/07/11 City to Surf , Oxfam Training (I’m away in Yamba). 54km about.
15/07/11 Oxfam Training 56km
06/08/11 City to Surf Training
14/08/11 CITY TO SURF!!!!!
21/08/11  Oxfam Training Light Session only 20km
26/08/11 Oxfam! 
New Book Release 
The Australian Women’s Health Diet.
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