Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Great Outdoor Training News

Hi Everyone,
I am just the proudest trainer in the world this week. I managed to convince the above group of 6 amazing women, plus myself and 2 blokes to run 27plus kilometres in the foulest weather in Saturday. We had to fight our way through more than 2 river crossings which claimed one “iPhone”,  on a run that was more of a swim through a wind tunnel than a run. The wind was blowing not only the sand along the beaches, but the blue bottles were blown like tumble weeds, and were rolling down the beach trying to catch our soaked ankles. The sea was so rough that even the live fish were being flung out of the water. I even passed a dead rat on the sand and logs covered with barnacles.
I could have called the run off that morning, everyone expected me too, but I would personally run in that weather, and the fact that we were in a group made it so much safer, so I let my clients decide what they wanted, and everyone who was fit, uninjured and healthy trained. As you can see from the faces above, they too are so bloody proud of their achievement. We know that there will be very few days ever in our lives that will have to face conditions worse than what we have just run through, and we have gained so much mental strength knowing that we fought the elements and won that day. We are making champions in our running group. There they are pictured above. The girls ran about 27km, they stopped short of their goal of 28km due to Long reef lagoon Turning into a fast flowing rapids. they ran the 27km in 4 hours and 7 minutes. My team made it across the rapids, and ran 30.5km in a time of 3 hours 34 minutes.
A special thanks goes out to Mia for being such a fantastic coach on the weekend. I think you saved the girls so much frustration and made the day run so smoothly, you are a star, and your skills were much appreciated by the Go Go’s and the Racers on the weekend.
I will write a personal account of the training session in my blog. So stay tuned for that instalment in the next few days.

Sponsor Your Favourite Team/Buddy by clicking on the link below.

The Racers
Jane M, Kellie , Lauren and Zandra. Total Raised so far $100.00

The Go Go’s
Leanne, Paula, Liz and Jane A.  Total Raised so Far $1020!!!!! Almost there!!!!!!!!

The Flyers
Brian, Jeff, Renae and Shona. Total Raised so far $320.

Running Group/ Coastrek Training
Flat 18-22km is what is required this week to give your body a bit of a rest.
The Northsiders will run from Kirribilli though to Centennial Park and Back Again.
The Inner Westies will run from Camperdown Oval into Centennial Park also.
Inner Westies Meet at 6:30am at Camperdown Oval.
Centennial Park is great if you go off road and explore, I will be doing some adventurous trail running off the main track. There is also a filming of the “Great Gatsby” on there at the moment. A huge set is being built, so I will be leading a group past for some “Star Spotting”.
Allow for 2 hours this weekend.

Photo Shoot.
Camperdown Oval at 9am.
For all those who have volunteered please just wear natural make up and your running singlet with black tights. Hair, if long, it would be great if it was pulled back, so it is clean and tidy. Short hair, just make it nice.

Treasure Hunt
The Pink Team won the Treasure Hunt so their prize is a running singlet.
Please collect it from me this week.

The Order has arrived, so remind me at the sessions to give you your order.
I have also ordered a few 2XU caps, please tell me if you would like one, they are $16 each.

Enter the 6.5km Sun Run from Dee Why to Manly, no excuses!!

The Cole Classic, 1km, 2km and 9km swim, yes people can swim for 9km, I’m doing the 2km.

Enter The North Face 100km Tomorrow!!!
I can here you all laughing now!!!!!

Enter 6 Foot Track 45km on Saturday!!! 9am
Your still laughing

Running Calendar

3/12/2011 Photo Shoot 22km Run from Camperdown Oval or Kirribilli into Centennial Park

10/12/2011 Coastrek Training for those who can’t train the week after, 33km from Long Reef to Bilgola and Back Again

17/12/2011 Coastrek Training Session 33km Important Session Long Reef to Bilgola and Back Again

18/12/2011 Glenbrook Marathon re-schedule (6 Foot Track Qualifier) 25km,34km 42km

8/01/2011 Explorer’s Tree to Cox’s River 30km Return

14/01/2011 Coastrek Training Session 36km Important Session!!!!!

22/01/2011 Megalong Mega Run as a Running Group 36km (I sadly can’t be in the real run!!!)

28/01/2011 Coastrek Training Session 38km Important Session!!!!!

04/02/2011 Sun Run 5.6km from Dee Why to Manly 6.5km, you can all run that, other wise I am not a good trainer!!!

05/02/2011 Cole Classic 2km Swim, Shelly Beach to Manly, Yes I am swimming, it will be your first chance to beat me!!

11/02/2011 Coastrek Training Session 45km Important Session!!!!

18/02/2011 6 Foot Training Jenolan Caves Rd to Coxes River and Back Again 30km Return Option 1 (I can’t go)

19/02/2011 1/2 Iron Man Huskisson 2, Triathlon Series

25/02/2011 6 Foot Training Jenolan Caves Rd to Coxes River and Back Again 30km Return

2/03/2012 Coastrek 50km

10/03/2012 “6 Foot Track” Marathon 45km

8/04/2011 TNF Training Kings Tableland Circ

28/04/2011 TNF Training  Katoomba Circ

19/05/2012 The North Face 100km

Oxfam 2012!!!

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