Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gastro, Shoe Sponsorship, a Hernia and a Wedding!

I've had a crazy week, gastro, shoe sponsorship, a hernia and a wedding!
I finished off the previous Saturday, with an awesome 35km Coastrek Training run. Whilst getting dressed for a quick dip in the Ocean and the beach my trail shoe fell down the drain. I was by myself with no one around to help . So I lifted a heavy drain grate to save my old trail a shoe. I've had stress fractures in the past, so I am always rotating my shoes. Trying to prevent one injury gave me another one. In the process of lifting I must have opened up my separation in my rectus abdominis muscles that I ruptured during pregnancy. But I was not aware that I had re-injured myself at the time.
On Tuesday I then gastro, on Thursday then finalised a shoe sponsorship from the Bare Foot Running Inc, and I have been so lucky to have been given Five Fingers and Inov8 shoes to wear. I then had an express photo shoot by Michael Leadbetter, of me in the Five Fingers and Inov8 shoes and accessories.  I then ran out to a bootcamp that night and at 11:30pm I woke up in excruitating pain. A tennis ball size  mound was sticking out of my abdominal wall. My stomach was still tender from the gastro, so I new something was not right. The pain was so un-bearable that I was not able to lie down. I then walked to RPA hospital knowing that I was going to need some attention. Mikey had to stay home and look after our two children. I was in too much pain to drive, I thought about catching a taxi, a couple passed me, but I was too slow to move towards them out of the shadows, and my stomach was killing me, and the thought of straining my body to get in and out of a taxi was too much to bear. My gut felt like I had 1000 sharp stabbing knives ripping at my stomach in 30 second waves. I decided that walking was my best option. I felt vulnerable, normally speed is my weapon, but I was in thongs, and injured, so I walked to the hospital, only 1.5km away from from my house trying to hide from the cars as I walked through the Inner West of Newtown, avoiding a crazy homeless man at 12pm on a Friday night.
I entered emergency and explained my situation. I visited triage, and was told to wait. I was happy to see that the Tennis was on and the waiting room had only 3 people waiting for a Doctor.  The tennis was a welcomed distraction to the pain I was experiencing. After about an hour I was given panadene fortes, blood pressure was taken, and it was low, for me at least, 105 over 59, my heart rate was 65, so my heart rate was elevated. I was soon examined more thoroughly by another nurse. The entire right side of my abdomen was swollen, craping and spasming. She took some bloods, which almost made me vomit and pass out, it was hard to find a vein in my hand and she inserted a canliea into my wrist. "Have you eaten today?". If only she knew. I don't go anywhere with out a solid meal! But I was clearly unwell, I had to lie down or else I really was going to faint.  She let me lie there until I recovered and expressed that I was the next in line to see the doctor.
After another hour or so I was taken in see a doctor. He checked me over, and expressed that he thought I had a hernia. Cool, so it was not my appendix, it was something manageable....Usually you need an operation to get the intestines back into position, and they also insert mesh into the abdomen to prevent it from happening again. I was sent off for an x-ray to confirm the existence of hernia. The radiologist ended up knowing me. "Are you a personal trainer?", She asked. "Yes, Iv'e been in here a few times with sting ray barbs, stress fractures, who do you know?". She ended up knowing my neighbour and my nutritionist. "I've been meaning to call you, and join one of your sessions". Too funny, it's  4am, and I am picking up clients . I must have looked like a real sight. Whilst being x-rayed, I was told to keep still, and to hold my breath. While she was finishing up, I popped my head around the screen to see what my x-rays were showing. There was a big black blob the size of my fist on the right side of my stomach just under my ribs. So the hernia was confirmed. Bugger. I have a wedding on for Mikey's family tomorrow up in Newcastle, and I will now have to cancel my 6am bootcamp, which is only on in 2 hours. Damn.
I was then escorted back to my chair to wait some more. After about another hour the doctor told me that the surgeons were interested in my x-ray and they will be in shortly to chat to me about it. Now I was cancelling all my sessions that day, knowing that I did have a hernia, I was probably going to be operated on if the surgeon wanted to see me.  I really needed to rest. 30 minutes later I was examined by the surgeon, it was 5:30am, 6 hours after I first felt the pain. The surgeon asked me where the pain was and started to prod the area. The pain had diminished to almost nothing. "Where is the abnormality in your abdomen?"I pointed and after a few more minutes of being poked and pushed in my stomach, I looked and saw that my abs had returned to normal. Well almost normal, I self examined my rectus abdominal and I could fit my entire hand in between my abs. So this was where the problem started.
I could not believe it, I had escaped an operation . After some lovely words of complements form the surgeon about my beautiful obliques and abdominal muscles, I was allowed to leave. I realised that the pain killers, relaxed my stomach muscles and allowed for my intestines to return to their correct position. Holding my breath for the x-ray, pulled my transverse abdominis towards my spine, closing off my rupture just enough to save me from surgery. I was cleared to go and head to the wedding up in Newcastle the next day.
I still need an ultra sound, but it's a week later and I have no pain.I ran 40km yesterday and rode 24km on a bike. I am also working on my transverse abdomens and it feels like has closed off my rectus abdominis.

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