Monday, January 9, 2012

Newsletter Coastrek Training 36kms

Hi Guys,

Welcome back. I hope you all had the best holiday. Let's all get back into training now for 2012.
On Tuesday the 2nd of January Jeff, Kellie, Mia, Renae and I decided to kick start the years training in style. We tackled 31kms of the 6 Foot Track. I think everyone out there learnt something about themselves out there that day. The conditions were tough. It was over 32C, and in some sections of the valley  it would have been hotter. Everyone ran out of water. We had to climb 1000 stairs up Nellies Glen, the climb went for 800m straight up.We ran for 15.5km down into the valley, and we had to run 15.5 kms straight back up out of the canyon back up to the plateau again. We all discovered a new respect for the Australian Bush. We were all really lucky there were a few creeks and rivers to jump in to cool ourselves down to avoid heat stroke. We all drank out of trusty "Nellies Glen" (a clean fresh running stream) and survived a hot hot day of training.
After the initial swearing that I copped from my clients/mates when they emerged out of Nellies Glen. Everyone recovered, and was soon filled with a sense of real achievement. I was just so proud of them. I knew exactly how they felt. 3 years ago I was emerging from Nellie Glen feeling just as defeated. But nothing will be that though again for a long time.

On Friday I was interviewed by Subaru Magazine, in regards to Trail Running and Fundraising events like the Fred Hallows Foundation and Oxfam. I will let you know when the magazine has been published.

Coastrek Training 36km

Start Turimetta Beach 6am.
Run and walk to Palm Beach SLSC and then return back to Warriewood Beach.
Allow for 6 hours of Training.
You will need 13 pieces of food.
You will hopefully be finished by 12pm.
It is the toughest session yet, we will be doing all the biggest climbs twice.

If you are injured, you can decide how far you want to train for and turn back at that point.
Getting to the Top of the Whale Beach Climb at Caree Headland Reserve may be enough, you will complete 25kms. So still a good run. It is best to finish still able to run than to be totally injured.

The forecast is for 25C, a shower or two. So perfect conditions for running.
Low Tide is at 6:22am at 0.45m. High Tide is at 12:35pm at 1.65m.
Bring your swimmers for the end.

Enter the Sun Run
It is a 6km run from Dee Why to Manly.
No excuses, all of my clients will be able to run this.

Enter the Cole Classic Ocean Swim.
There are a few of us venturing into the ocean for the first time. If you wanted to try an Ocean swim try it with me and a heap of friends. I have a club entered as Great Outdoor Swimmers.

There is an entire calendar for Ocean Swimming, check out the link below. 
Tell me if you are entering and I might do it with you. 

Avalon 1500m is on this Sunday. I am pretty sure I will do it. 
Nothing will be as bad as the Bondi to Bronte.

Training Schedule

  • 14/01/2011 Coastrek Training Session 36km Important Session.
  • 22/01/2011 Megalong Mega Run as a Running Group 36km (I sadly can’t be in the real run, I can't do this one either.)
  • 28/01/2011 Coastrek Training Session 38km Important Session.
  • 04/02/2011 Sun Run 5.6km from Dee Why to Manly 6.5km. No excuses.
  • 05/02/2011 Cole Classic 2km Swim, Shelly Beach to Manly.
  • 11/02/2011 Coastrek Training Session 45km Important Session!!!!
  • 18/02/2011 6 Foot Training Jenolan Caves Rd to Coxes River and Back Again 30km Return Option 1 
  • 19/02/2011 1/2 Iron Man Huskisson 2, Triathlon Series
  • 25/02/2011 6 Foot Training Jenolan Caves Rd to Coxes River and Back Again 30km Return Option 2
  • 2/03/2012 Coastrek 50km
  • 10/03/2012 “6 Foot Track” Marathon 45km
  • 8/04/2011 TNF Training Kings Tableland Circ
  • 28/04/2011 TNF Training  Katoomba Circ
  • 19/05/2012 The North Face 100km
  • Oxfam 2012.

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