Thursday, May 17, 2012

TNF100km Bags are packed, I'm carbing up, getting my hair cut, I'm feeling good.

I'm all Carbed up and ready to go for the biggest race of the Trail Running Calendar, TNF (The North Face) 100km Ultra Endurance Trail Event in the Blue Mountains in 1 and 1/2 days time. I've got my gear all sorted, my nutrition is rationed out my hydration mix is organised with my water bottles. I've checked and re-checked my mandatory gear twice and my body is feeling about as good as it gets.
I have an easy day of personal training tomorrow of only 3 sessions and I only have 2 more sessions to get through tonight so I will be as fresh as I can get.
My Gear for the 100km will consist of the following;
Inov8 Roc Lite 285 Trail Shoes, Injinji performance socks, Line Breaker Compression Calf Guards, 2XU Elite Compression Shorts, Inov8 Branded 2XU Singlet, Inov8 Branded 2XU Tri Bra, TNF100 Visor, Inov8 Bluff, "Jazz Hands" Fluro Ronhill Gloves, Spi Belt, Lucky Chip (I have never lost with it), High Visibility Vest, Thermal Top, Ugly stripy blue thermal bottoms, Hard Wear Water Proof Jacket, The North Face Fleece, Water Proof Pants, Led Lensor Head Torch, Led Lensor hand torch, whistle, emergency blanket, compression bandage, Gu Roctanes, Hydralyte Sports Hydration Mix, plastic zip lock bag, maps, compass, UltrAspire Back Pack, Hydrapak Bladder , water bottles...I think that is it. I would have  forgotten something.
I have to carry it all except for the Fleece and the Water Proof Pants for 100km. At the 67km mark I will probably have to carry the fleece and the water proof pants.
I will be trying to take over 50 minutes of my time from 2011 of 12 hours and 50 minutes. I think I can run faster. You will be able to track me via GPS at the below link.
I have been mentally preparing myself for this for 6 months. I just have to stay focused and remember my plan and run to my advantage.

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