Monday, May 19, 2014

I've Moved to The Gap in Brisbane QLD Australia

I've moved to The Gap in Brisbane Australia. My family needed a change of scenery. We chose a Tree Change to regenerate our life. My kids are 7 and 9 now and have out grown the city streets of Camperdown in NSW. I want to be able to send them on a bike ride or a run and know that they will be safe from traffic and have enough space to roam. I wanted them to have the same up bringing that I had living in Turramurra about 20ks north of Sydney. I spent hours on my bike roaming the streets of Turramurra, exploring the creeks, playing chalk chase, hide and go seek across the blocks properties with the kids of the neighbourhood.
Our family picked The Gap due to the location. It's only 8ks from the Brisbane CBD and is almost totally surrounded in National Park or Forest, Brisbane has a nice warm climate to help with my asthma, less pollution than the Sydney CBD.
The Gap check it out on the map below,152.948743,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

The suburb is only a few ks from the shopping and restaurant strip of Paddington so I can still enjoy great Thai food and coffee. We also picked the suburb because The Gap State High School is a highly recommended school. So with the trails, education, food and employment covered we picked a really funky house in The Gap to renovate.

Now almost 1/2 way through the year I am ready to start up group sessions in the area. I'll run Bootcamps, Mums n Bubs and PT sessions that are run and injury prevention and re-gab  focused.
The first group will start at Bowman Park in Bardon. I'll soon start up a group in The Gap.
Check out the site below for more info.