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Shona Stephenson is a passionate personal trainer, sports nutritionist, mother and elite ultra marathon trail runner. Shona evolved into an elite trail runner after following a career as a fashion designer and clothing pattern maker in her 20's. After wining many fashion design awards Smirnoff National Design Award, Cue Design Award, Oroton Design Award, Peter Lang Jewellery Design Award, Formica Design Award she worked for Cue as a designer and pattern maker. At the budding age of 21 she left Cue and started up her own design company "nerve" a street wear label with over 40 accounts nation wide.
After having her first child at the age of 26 Shona Stephenson decided to focus on her family life and motherhood and ceased "nerve". Shona Stephenson was 18 kilos heavier after having her fist child and used her childhood athletic skills as an elite gymnast and a representative netball player to lose 18 kilos of fat to return to her pre-baby weight a year later before soon becoming pregnant again with her 2nd child.
After having her second child at 28 she entered her first race. The City2Surf 14km Fun Run in 2007. In 2008 Shona Stephenson shaved her head to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and to motivate her to get the rest of the baby weight off she entered her first 1/2 Marathon, the Sydney 1/2 Marathon. Running her first 1/2 in a time of 1 Hour 46 minutes. This 1/2 Marathon almost broke her body. Feeling weakened in the knees and hips from two pregnancies Shona decided that she needed to become stronger to prevent further injuries. 2 weeks after her first 1/2 Marathon Shona Stephenson entered her first trail event, The Great Nosh 15km Footrace and gain was broken but totally hooked.
After a year of racing every 4 weeks after some encouragement from her friends who all wanted to be trained by her she then decided to become a personal trainer in 2009 and completed her Cert 1V Personal Trainer Certificate at the Australian Institute of Fitness.
In November 2009 Shona Stephenson won her first event the Deep Space Marathon Ultra 44km in the ACT. This was her first ever Marathon. Running in her first Marathon to qualify for the 6 Foot Track Marathon in 4:57 minutes beating the next female by almost 2 hours. In March 2010 she ran the 6 Foot Track in 4 Hours 39 Minutes.
At the end of 2010, Shona Stephenson then suffered 6 months of stress fracture injuries after completing her first 100km Ultra Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 100km in both of her feet at the end of 2010. Shona was forced to became a smart racer and a smart trainer. She turned to cross training and after months in the gym Shona rehabbed her feet and was able to win her first Team Event Coastrek 2011, 50km. Her team Great Outdoor Runners broke the course record by over an hour. A week later she then ran a PB at the 6 Foot Track in a time of 4 hours 32.
Shona Stephenson has then gone from strength to strength. In 2011, after wining The Great Nosh, Coastal Classic New Record, GNW100km and setting a new record by over 2 hours "Barefoot Inc" picked her up as an athlete to support.
In 2012 after her Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney NR Mixed Team, Coastal Classic NR, Surf Coast Century, Great Ocean Walk NR wins Hammer Sports Nutrition have also become her sponsors. Inov8 International also invited her on their team for 2013.
AyUp Lighting Systems are also a provider of all her race lighting needs. She strives to be the best in her field and only choses the best gear, clothing, lighting and nutrition for her training and racing.
In 2013 Shona set out the year in flying force after DNFing her first attempt of a 100 Miler GNW (Great North Walk 100), Shona won the Aura Ultra Trail Running National Championships 50k with a new record on the Maroonda Dam Course, 1st Place at Coastrek 50km Team event with a new record. Shona then DNF'd her next event Tarawera 100km with a heamatura, finishing at the 85km mark. In the results she was given the win for the 85km but handed her prize over to Jenni Hoogeveen who was officially entered in the 85km at the start line. Shona was able to learn from her mistake and bounce back only 1 week later and win and smash the record of Northburn 100M (160km) with a time of 24 hours 25 minutes place 3rd overall. Shona then flew to Japan and race the UTMF 162km with 9000m of ascent and descent placed 2nd. 3 Weeks later she race TNF100km placed 3rd on the podium then flew to France and placed 9th in the Mt Blanc Marathon. Sadly Shona again DNF the incredibly difficult Ice Trail 65km pulling out due to altitude sickness and plain old bonking. After a 2nd place at the 10km Sydney trail series Shona was back in France racing the UTMB but again DNF'd due to an ankle injury.
Only 2 weeks late again Shona was on another flight to Japan and managed to pull off a massive mental and physical victory at the Hakuba International Trails 50km 2013and was totally enthused by her win and had previously committed herself to race the Surf Coast Century in Victoria only 6 days later. This would be Shona's 4th DNF of the year. Shona had an asthma attack and was not able to run  past the 50km mark. She decided it was time for a well deserved off season to rest and recover.
In 2014 Shona's goal is all about constancy and finishing every race she makes it to the start line of. In March 2014 Shona was invited to compete in the Spartan Sprint Brisbane and with NO previous training and after 90 penalty Burpees Shona nabbed a 2nd place at the obstacle course event.
A week later Tarawera Ultra now part of the Ultra Trail World Tour was shortened to a 72km event due to a cyclone, Shona finished feeling strong after coming back from her ankle injury in 6th Pace. Next was the UTMF Ultra Trail Mt Fuji Japan again Shona managed a 6th position in a strong field of International Runners. Next it was time to discover how painful the new course of TNF100 was going to be and again is a fully stack international field Shona managed a consistent top 10 position in 9th place.

Up Coming Events
Oxfam Trailwalker Brisbane QLD
Glasshouse Trail Flinders Tour QLD
UTMB Chamonix France
Hakuba International Trails Japan
Spartan Ultra....maybe Ultra Beast NSW
Blackall 100 QLD

In 2014 Shona is on the international Inov8 Team and is currently racing the Ultra Trail World Tour.

Shona Stephenson core beliefs are; 
"Hard work never goes un-rewarded".
"Nastiness get's you no where".
"Exercise is for everyone".

Cert 4 Personal Trainer Australian Institute of Fitness
Master Personal Trainer Certificate Australian Institute of Fitness
Sports Nutritional Certificate
Boxing Trainer Certificate Punch Fit
First Aid Certificate Re:viva
Outdoor Trainer Certificate Network
Weight Management Network
Protein the Key to Weight Loss Network

Race Results

2014 9th Place TNF100 Blue Mountains Australia UTWT
2014 6th Place UTMF Mt Fuji Japan UTWT
2014 6th Place Tarawera Ultra New Zealand UTWT
2014 2nd Place Spartan Sprint Brisbane 7km
2013 1st Place Hakuba International Trails 50km Japan New Course Record 5 Hours 34 minutes.
2013 9th Place Mt Blanc Marathon France 4 hours 57 minutes
2013 3rd Place The North Face 100 TNF100 11:45 PB
2013 1st Place Sydney Trail Series Race 3 Fastest Lap for the Series in 49:25
2013 2nd Place Ultra Trail Mt Fuji 25 Hours 56 Minutes
2013 1st Place Northburn 100 Mile 24 Hours 26 New Course Record
2013 1st Place Coastrek Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach 50km New Course Record 5 Hours 53 minutes
2013 1st Place Aura Australian Ultra Trail Running Championships Maroondah Dam 50km New Course Record 4 Hours 52 Minutes 
2013 1st Place STS New Record 47:47
2013 1st Place STS New Record 47:57
2012 1st Place Inaugural STS 10.2km 50:16 
2012 1st Place 30/50 Challenge Team Event 52km New Record 5 hours 24 minutes.
2012 1st Place in the Great Ocean Walk 100km VIC New Record Holder 11 hours 40 minutes.
2012 1st Place In Inaugural Surf Coast Century New Record holder 100km 10 hours 18 minutes
2012 1st Place Coastal Classic New Record Holder 2 hours 49 minutes.
2012 1st Place Oxfam Trail Walker Sydney Mixed Team New mixed Record 12:18 minutes
2012 3rd Place The Glow Worm Tunnel Marathon
2012 3rd Place The North Face 100 Australia 12 Hours 31 Seconds 
2012 1st Place Foot Point Trail Series Race 1 and 2 (In Race 2 I beat all the boys too!) New Record.
2012 1st Place Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach New Record.
2011 1st Place GNW 100km Breaking the Record by 2 hours and 22 minutes, placing 2nd only to Brendan Davies.
2011 1st Place Coastal Classic New Record
2011 1st Place Coastrek New Record
2011 1st Place The Great Nosh
2009 1st Place Deep Space Mountain Marathon Shona's First Marathon

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, Styling, Patternmaking and Management.

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