Shona Stephenson is proud to say she is sponsored by inov8 International,  barefootinc, Hammer Endurance Fuels and Ay-up Ultra Lite Lightening.

Currently her favourite inov8 Shoes are the inov8 Trailroc 245 which she wore in the record breaking 30/50 Challenge, STS and her unofficial 2nd female and 3rd overall place in the GNW.
Shona also loves the inov8 x-talon 190 which she wore for her Oxfam TW Sydney, Coastal Classic, Surf Coast Century and Great Ocean Walk record breaking events.
On the road Shona swaps between the inov8 f-lite 195 and the inov8 f-lite 215.
Shona's first inov8 shoe was the inov8 roclite 268 which she won the Coastrek 50km and the Footpoint Trail series Race 1. Shona then progressed to the inov8 roclite 245 in which she won the Footpoint Trail Series Race 2.

Hammer Endurance Fuels is Shona Stephenson's pre-race-post nutrition of choice. Hammer Endurance Fuels has lead Shona to the Oxfam TW Sydney, Coastal Classic, Surf Coast Century, Concrete Boot, Great Ocean Walk, 30/50 Challenge and the Sydney Trail Series wins.
Shona uses Hammer Recoverite, Perpetuem Caffe Latte Solids, Hammer Expresso Gels , Tropical Gel and Vanilla Gel. She also enjoys Apple Cinnamon gel flavour too. Her favourite Hammer bar is Choc Chip Energy bar. For Hydration she uses Hammer Fizz Lemon Flavour.

Australian distributor of the worlds best minimal gear Barefoot Inc supplies Shona with inov8 shoes and UltrAspire hydration and fuelling packs. Shona wore the UltrAspire Spry for her Oxfam TW Sydney, Coastal Classic, Surf Coast Century, 30/50 Challenge record breaking wins. She also used the UltrAspire Surge as the swap bag for Surf Coast Century and the GNW. The UltrAspire Surge was used solely for her record breaking Great Ocean Walk win. The UltrAspire Omega was used for the GNW after 50km.

Ay Up Ultra Lite All Rounder was Shona's choice of light for the record breaking win in the Great Ocean Walk. Shona also used the Ay Up Ultra Lite All Rounder for her GNW100 mile 2012 run before she had to retire sick after completing 110km with a bacteria lung infection. Shona still managed an unofficial 2nd female position and 3rd overall for the 100km event in 2012.


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